Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Week 5, Term 1

This week on Monday we found out some amazing news!  Noah came second (2nd) in the junior farmer competition at the Helensville Show.

Yesterday we had our senior swimming sports in our school pool.  Even tho it rained, we showed GRIT and competed in our races to the best of our ability.  There was some amazing swimming especially those people that entered the medley and butterfly events.  In two weeks we will participate in our Kaipara Schools event!  Wahoo!!

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Week 5

Last Friday our Waitoki team headed off to Muriwai Beach for the cross country.  The course was challenging but we showed lots of GRIT!!  

This week was good because we starting working on our Ag Day cave (ana).  We have blacked out the windows with black A2 paper and we have started to bring in shoe boxes for our dioramas.

Next week we will begin making our crystals and continuing our dioramas.  We are happy with our progress so far.

Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Week 1

This week was epic! It was fun because on Monday we delved into our first tech challenge of the term!  The reason we are practicing our tech challenge is because we are going to compete at Orewa College against lots of other schools in Week 6.  Tech challenges promote creativity, collaboration, time management, teamwork and resourcefulness.  The challenge was to creative a new and innovative board game in 50 minutes.

We also started our Cross Country practice.  We have run twice to Forestry Road and back.  Our fitness levels need to improve by Week 3 so we can compete at Sinclair Park and Muriwai Beach.

Today our Rippa team have gone to Helensville to compete in the rippa tournament.  At 12:30pm they are having a dance off - what fun!!  Last year our team won a prize at the dance off because Miss Wood's pulled out some production moves.  Our Year 5 & 6 team have three games and so do our Year 3 & 4 team.  Good luck to our rippa teams and Mr T!

Tomorrow we have our first creative curriculum in our herds. This term we have some exciting activities like art, music, dance and science.   The focus of creative curriculum is to engage in other curriculum areas that teachers are passionate about.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Week 8

This week was good because we finished our Killeen collaborative art.  We are just waiting for our three Google Slides to be finished, so we can use Screencastify.  Monday was cool!  We had Harbour Sport and our lesson focused on planning a lesson.  Each group had a photo of an iced cake (rugby ball, cookie monster, lego, cat) and they had to recreate the cake using resources and food items.  It was really fun!

I finished my individual art inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe.  I am very happy with it, but found the cutting very difficult.

We also had Wig Wednesday.  This was to raise awareness for Child Cancer.  Our leaders raised $158.  We had to wear a bright wig, hat or attire!  Well done leaders.

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Week 6

Eeek . . . three weeks till the Art Exhibition!  We are now focusing on our collaborative art that we will sell at the auction.  This needs to be a high quality piece of art.

This week our artist study was on Richard Killeen!  Richard is a New Zealand artist who focuses on shapes and collections of things/items.  We had Jo Mears from Kaipara College help us with our painting techniques and what materials to use.  She taught us a technique called 'wet on wet'.  This is where you put wet paint on your paintbrush and then onto the paper while the paint is till wet.  This gives a blended effect or layering.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Week 5

This week we had no school on Wednesday, that was because of the Mega Strike.  Teachers are striking because the Government isn't listening to our voices.  Teachers want better working conditions, smaller class sizes and more support for students with high needs.  Teachers are overworked and yes underpaid!!  

Lots of students are playing Rippa today at Ratawhiri Park, in Helensville with Mr T.  Each team will get three games against other schools in our our Kahui Ako cluster.  Good luck Waitoki School!

No school on Monday, this is because of Queens Birthday.  Have a fabulous long weekend and be safe!

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Week 4

This week for our artist study we focused on John Pule and Andy Warhol.  They are famous for their print making.  Warhol was famous for his pop art and Pule is famous for his tapa cloth inspired art.   The printmaking process was quite messy, but fun!  Each student had to make two prints and we will choose the best print to display in the classroom.  In four weeks the whole school art exhibition is on . . . exciting!

On Monday we had Siona Fernandes, an Olympic Ambassador come and inspire us!  She was an inspirational speaker, talking about goal setting and striving for excellence.  We need to wake up everyday and have a plan to achieve excellence - some of us are doing this beautifully.  Siona represented New Zealand in the 2012 London Olympics in boxing.