Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Welcome Back to School 2018

We have started the year off with a bang!  Already we have had a cottage challenge, Football FUNdamental session, collaborative artwork with the Helensville A & P Show cardboard cutouts and more.

Everyday we are swimming and practicing our strokes for the upcoming school swimming sports.  Every student needs to enter at least three events, with the two length option available for those students who want to enter the Kaipara Swimming Sports in a few weeks.

For Writing we have begun cross grouping with Ruma Wha.  Our focus has been on our summer holidays often describing a moment in time or favourite holiday moment.  In Math's we also cross group with Ruma Wha. We have been learning lots of warm up number knowledge games and fast finisher options.

For Reading we have restarted with Reading Plus and our whole class novel is The Giver.  Watch the trailer here to find out more:

Our whole year inquiry is on Change.  What we can change about our behaviours and environment around us.  Sounds like we will need to step up to the challenge!

Watch this space . . .

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  1. Looking forward to hearing all about the year as it unfolds Room Rima.