Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Week 2

Week 2 already (can you believe it?).  This week we started to share our learning on Seesaw.  This will be an awesome online space to share our 'WOW' learning - a place to display our learning that showed we demonstrated GRIT and thinking.

We are also making great use of our swimming time by practicing for our upcoming swimming sports on Wednesday, 1st March - all welcome!

Today we started a shared novel called An Unexpected Hero by L.P Hansen.  This shared novel will be part of the collaborative learning done with 90 other year 7/8 classes around New Zealand . . . how exciting!  We will be using GAFE, Edmondo and Twitter to share our thinking.

Finally, our 'Me Shields' and 'Collage Selfies' are almost completed . . . watch this space!


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