Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Week 3 (and Friday of Week 2)

Wow!  What a busy few weeks of learning in Ruma Rima.

Last Friday the lovely ladies from the Auckland Libraries visited us to share their passion around literacy.  We enjoyed some readers theatre, augmented reality dinosaur books, plays and much more!  Thank you Auckland Libraries.

This week we've been engaged in Life Education with Chris and Harold, talking and learning about Healthy Living.  Did you know we have 12 body systems that are responsible for keeping our bodies alive and healthy?  These include:

We also learnt about the food pyramid, and we know that foods lower on the pyramid, are foods you can eat plenty of.  The foods in the middle you can eat moderately and the top - on occasion (eg, birthday parties).

By reading nutritional information on food labels we can determine (per 100g) how much sugar, salt and fat a product has . . . some were astonishing!

We also squeezed in a Technology Challenge - the leaning tower of pasta (with some success . . . teamwork . . . and following and leading).  Our aim:  to return the shield to its rightful owner (last years Year 7 Champions) . . . us!

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