Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Smooth start to week 2

Cross Country Practice ✔
Persuasive writing - why/or why not breakfast is the most important meal of the day ✔
Smoothie making ✔
First electives session 

With the Olympics starting in three days and our school cross country in seven days the topic of 'Healthy Living' is definitely coming to fruition.

Firstly, our cross country practice with Dave is getting better day by day.  Most students  are increasing their anaerobic fitness level, by running longer each day.

On Tuesday, we spent most of the day talking about the importance of breakfast.  We tried persuading our audience to start the day with breakfast and then we created our own smoothies.  Our creations included berries, mango, banana, apple, ice cream, Vita Plan, coconut water, passionfruit . . . they were berrylicious.

Still not convinced breakfast is a winner!  Read: 

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