Sunday, 26 June 2016

Extracurricular Activities

Over the last couple of weeks many students from Ruma Rima have participated in Extracurricular activities.

Some wonderful examples include Alex participating in a workshop and concert at Helensville Primary with Harmen Vanhoorne . . . well done Alex!

Lastly, many of our students participated in their Taekwondo grading on Saturday with Instructor Robyn . . . awesome effort to all!

Many of these qualities demonstrated are what we are learning through the Sir Peter Blake Dream Team.  These qualities of leadership include:  

  • be courageous;
  • lead by example;
  • be honest;
  • be brave;
  • be committed;
  • learn and grow;
  • inspire and motivate.

If you need inspiring visit the Sir Peter Blake Trust website.


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