Saturday, 19 March 2016

Terrific Tapa

Last week in Ruma Rima we focused our patterns integrated inquiry around tapa cloth (also known as Ngatu in Tonga or Siapo in Samoa).

Ms Brown hooked us in and motivated us by bringing along a Tongan Ngatu.  We talked about the cultural significance of the tapa cloth and the traditional uses (clothing, blankets, costumes for celebrations).  We also got ideas for our own tapa cloth by observing patterns used and feeling the tapa.

Mrs Kemp (our wonderful Year 2 teacher) also lent us her tapa exemplar for inspiration.  We had good conversations around dye selection (browns, ochre or left plain) and use of black vivid from her exemplar.

We then experimented with rotational and reflection symmetry using a cool website:

After we created our mat online, Ms Brown gave us a small piece of paper to create our draft tapa pattern.  We persevered with our draft tapa and then once we were happy with it we transferred our design onto a piece of A3 sugar paper, crunched and then uncruched our sugar paper to give the tapa an authentic look, Ms Brown ironed out the crinkles  . . . the results - terrific!

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