Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Home For A Princess

WALT write from a point of view in first person

I will:

- use pronouns . . . I, me and we;
- use powerful adjectives (wow words).

(inspired by a local property in Waitoki Ms Brown saw in the local newspaper)

As you drive into my swirling driveway on Blackbridge Road you see the modern fairytale castle design all the way from Chateau France. I was a welcoming tile patio and when you look up you can see my elegant roof.  As you walk into my living room you see my twirling stairs, spacious bedrooms, Michelangelo style dome, gorgeous Italian chandelier and seven French doors and if you feel like going on an adventurous stroll I have a spontaneous, colourful garden and 15 acres of fabulous land, also I am family orientated so there's lots of space for those energetic children.  By Jasmine

Fall in love with my spacious, luxurious mansion.  My beautiful castle bathes in the sun the whole day long with astonishing stairs and bannisters leading up to the double door entrance.  My 18 acres will take your breathe away with its pastures with brand new fences.  The beautiful hill view will amaze you with a tower in between the two parts of me.  My Michelangelo marble ceiling has fantastic brass gold chandeliers. My four double French doors will make you think you're in a dream.  If you have horses I am the ideal place for you with well sized paddocks with an arena.  I hope you make the right choice and buy me!  By Eamon

I'm an magnificent house. As you drive through my windy drive way you can see me as the sun shines on me. As you walk on my nicely polished stairs you can see the spa pool waiting for you to relax in it. I have a back drop of nice tall trees behind me. My doors are french doors. I have 15 acres I also have 28 paddocks too. If you open all of my windows you will feel a nice breeze through the house.  I have 5 bedrooms.  I am a stunning house.  By Chloe

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