Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Welcome back to 2016

Well, week one is well underway with swimming, collaborative tasks and settling into new routines and expectations.  

Our 'amazing' new class of 25 year 6 to 8 students have participated in the Great Egg Drop competition over the last two days.  The timed group task (with a focus of relating to others) was broken into two parts:

Day 1:  Planning and Building Stage - students were randomly placed into groups (via puzzle patterns) so we get used to working with different people.  Each team received 1 egg, 30 straws and 1 metre of masking tape.  Each group had 20 minutes to create a structure that supported the egg when dropped from a height of 1 metre.  Every group had different strategies to get the task done in the set time frame:

Day 2:  Testing Stage - All groups had just ten minutes to regroup, discuss their structure and make any quick changes before the testing took place.  Once outside each group had turns dropping their eggs (which some groups named).  Before they dropped, the rest of the class made predictions based on PK, and the aesthetics.

A quick reflection was done on each structure, thinking about what worked well; what didn't work so well; and what you would do differently next time.

Overall the Great Egg Drop was a great success, with most structures making the 1 metre mark and moving on to the 2 metre mark! An awesome activity focused on relating to others!!


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  2. Love this Blog guys! Great to see pictures of you all. How are your plans for a school camp over here going??!

    1. Wouldn't that be nice! Will talk to our fundraising committee.