Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Metaphor Poetry

Whilst preparing for Ag Day this week, we have managed to squeeze in some poetry writing for our anthology (collection of poems).

We started off in our reading groups analysing poems from school journals looking for metaphors.

We then used these poems as inspiration to write our own metaphor poems about our families.

Here is a selection of some outstanding work:

My Family is a Book
by Maya

My Dad is the cover always protecting us.
My Mum is the glossary telling us where things go.
My older brother is the words that are to hard to understand.
My younger brother is the spaces, never stopping.
I am the index, always helping people.

My Family is a Cup of Tea
by Chantelle

My Dad is the cup holding us together.
My Mum is the teabag balancing us out.
My older brother is the hot water and milk, sometimes nice.
My younger brother is the spoon, always stirring us up.
And I am the sugar that makes the tea sweet.

My Family is a Boat
by Jasmine

My Dad is the wheel, steering us in the right direction.
My Mum is the rails, keeping us safe.
My sister Sophia is the anchor, she is the furtherest away.
My sister Jess is the glass keeping me safe.
My brother is the loud motor always annoying me.
My sister Maria is the engine, always getting hot headed.
I am the controls, always getting told what to do.

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