Tuesday, 25 August 2015

North Harbour Schools Technology Challenge 2015

Wahoo!  Congratulations to our twelve Year 7 and 8 students who participated in the North Harbour School's Technology Challenge for 2015 at Orewa College today.

Each team of four competed in the following technology challenges focusing on team work, participation, managing self, problem solving and perseverance:

Year 7's:

first challenge - Rugby World Cup backpack (30 minutes)
second challenge - ping pong ball slingshot (30 minutes)
third challenge - pasta tower (20 minutes)

Year 8's
first challenge - bridge (30 minutes)
second challenge - arctic sleigh (30 minutes)
third challenge - shuttlecock launcher (20 minutes)

All students demonstrated Manaaki (respect for themselves, others and environment) with our Year 7 team winning the overall trophy - tu meke!

Check out our amazing teamwork . . .

Our arctic sleigh races . . .

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