Monday, 20 July 2015

Cups Up!

Welcome back!  Today we started our new inquiry topic - Forces.  Thinking about elasticity, working together as a team, communicating and collaborating we participated in the Cups Up challenge.

Here's how it worked:

Summary: To work together to accomplish a given task as a team utilizing communication, collaboration skills, and team building skills (teams of 6)

Supplies for each group:
  • 6 plastic cups of equal size (no handles)
  • One rubber band (must fit around the cup)
  • 4 pieces of string (each measuring approx. 3 feet long)

In session set-up:
  • Each group has a stack of 6 cups and one of the 4-legged octopuses (rubber band with the four pieces of string attached).
  • Place the cups on the table or floor, upside down in a pyramid.

Instructions for Groups:

  • Build a pyramid out of the cups with three on the bottom, two on the next level, and one at the top (with the ‘T’ at the top).

  • Team members may not touch the cups with their hands, or any other part of their bodies (even if a cup falls on the floor).
  • Each person must hold onto one of the strings that is attached to the rubber band.
  • Break down the pyramid, starting from the top, before you can rebuild the stack (which will be the six cups fitting together in one stack with the T cup on the bottom).
  • The group can only use this rubber band octopus to pick up the cups and place them on top of each other (by pulling and releasing the strings on the rubber band to place around the cup )

Each group could successfully rise to the challenge . . . we decided to make it harder (how you ask?), by keeping our eyes closed ('octopus' drivers) and listening to directions from the other two students in our teams.

The result . . . plenty of focus, team work, collaboration and control! Well done Ruma Rima.

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