Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Awesome shared experience to Stardome with Ruma Wha (and check out our really awesome Matariki manu aute (kites)

Today Ruma Rima and Ruma Wha enjoyed a shared experience at Stardome.  Students (teachers/parent helpers) had an early start to their day (to arrive at school by 7.00am).  We travelled via the Ritchies bus, arriving safely just before 8.30am.

Our 90 minute session begun in the Space Room with a classroom discussion focusing on the Solar System.  Next we had about 10 - 15 minutes to explore the displays/exhibits before we went across the hallway to the Planetarium to view the amazing “Wonders of the Universe" show.  Our visit concluded with a brief night sky presentation where they pointed out what objects will be visible from Auckland tonight.

After our Stardome experience (and morning tea/quick play before the rain) we ventured up One Tree Hill to fly our manu aute kites.  Students had one week to research, plan, create and test their kites for Matariki, before flying and presenting them today.  This was the brief they received.

Check out some of our awesome efforts:

Click below to see some of our detailed presentations:

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