Friday, 13 June 2014

Homes for Different Climates Challenge

Ruma Rima have been enjoying the Structures inquiry this term.  Over the last two weeks we have worked cooperatively designing, testing and building a house for different climates.  The climate options were:  
  • a hot and dry climate;
  • a cold and snowy climate;
  • a tropical climate; 
The testing criteria was:

Hot and dry climate - the house must be able to keep an ice cube from melting as we heat the house with a hairdryer.

Cold and snowy climate - the house must be able to keep the roof from caving in when we put a lot of snow (weight) on top.

Tropical climate - your house must keep dry a piece of tissue paper inside when we pour water (rain) on top. 

Points were allocated for:

25 points - House stands by itself
50 points - House either supports load of snow (eg. dry sand), keeps tissue dry or stops ice cube melting
10 points - A clear, detailed construction sketch was completed. All resources should be easily distinguished. All important design features and all critical measurements should be labeled on the sketch.
20 points - A structural analysis of your house was completed. The following questions should be answered clearly and completely:
·  During construction, how did you test the strength and stability of your structure?
·  During construction, what strategies did you use to strengthen the weaker areas? Why?
·  What are the strongest parts of your house? Why?
·  What are the weakest parts of your house? Why?

Each group was awarded maximum points for a free standing structure and ALL structures survived the tests.  The winning structures were those that had very detailed planning (maximum 10 points) and completed a structural analysis (maximum 20 points).

Check out our structures . . . we are proud of what we achieved!

1st place = Jaime 
2nd place = Julia
3rd equal = Daniel and Lewis

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