Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Welcome to 2019 in Ruma Rima

It's all about CONNECTIONS in 2019!!

And . . . that is exactly what we have been doing for the last three weeks, building relationships and making connections. This has included house challenges, creative curriculum, cardboard cutout deer for the Helensville A & P Show and so much more . . .

Watch this space every Thursday to see what we have been up too!!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Production: Roll up, roll up - it's SHOW TIME!

We have been working extremely hard on our original whole school production "World in Union".  Tickets went on sale today at $5.00 a seat.

Performances will be on:

Wednesday, 27th June at 12:30pm;
Thursday, 28th June at 6:30pm;
Friday, 29th June at 6:30pm.

Tickets are likely to sell out faster than Usain Bolt in an Olympic sprint race so make sure you get in quick!

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Week Toru

Week three already!  This term has started off very busy . . . Kaipara Triathlon, High Tea for Mothers Day, Production and of course lots of learning in class about CHANGE.

We have also started reading Gathering Blue by Lowis Lowry, a companion novel to The Giver (our Term 1 novel).  We have continued our Minecraft setting using the descriptions Lowry uses.  We are hoping the movie comes out soon.

In Writing we are focusing on Explanations on Science phenomena.  Next week with our buddies we will begin working on a science experiment to demonstrate our understanding of the science behind our explanations.

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Camp for 2018

Wow!  What stunning weather, participation, GRIT and teamwork!  That basically sums up our 2018 four day EOTC experience at Piha Mill.

Even tho we attended Piha Mill last year we still found things that challenged us, and experienced new activities like air rifles, Beach Ed with the lifeguards at Piha North Beach, a new challenging bush walk and of course Gaga Ball.

A big thank you to our amazing camp parents who pushed our boundaries, celebrated our successes and were there when we needed them.  Thank you.

 Day 1

  Day 2

 Day 2

 Day 3

 Day 4

 We made it to Kitekite Falls.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Week 5

What a busy week!  We participated in our first tech classes at Kaipara College on Tuesday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the new challenges involved in Digi, Fabric, Food and Hard Tech.  We are looking forward to the new challenges we will face on Thursday.  We managed self well and participated to the best of our abilities.

 Digi Tech - programming with the Micro:bit

Fabric Tech - E-Textiles.

Food Tech - a healthy start . . . fresh fruit salad. 

Hard Tech - building a cell phone holder.

On Wednesday, the weather was on our side as we showcased our swimming skills to our school community.  There was some excellent races and the practice certainly paid off!  Next Friday we will compete against all the Kaipara cluster schools at Kaipara College.  Watch this space . . . 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Week 4 in Ruma Rima

Another busy week in Ruma Rima.  We are continuing our cross grouping for Numeracy and Writing and seeing greater focus across all curriculum areas.  Great!

We are loving The Giver by Lowis Lowry.  The plot is beginning to develop nicely and the main characters traits are beginning to show.  Most students have now seen the movie, which is helping them make connections to the text and see differences between the book and film.  Once we finish the novel we will watch the movie together.

We also used for making connections and inferencing.  What an awesome online tool to build knowledge of the world, look for visual clues like landscapes, people, road signs, buildings and of course our ICT skills.  Have a try for yourself.

One special highlight was a visit from Writer and Author Zee Southcombe. She not only shared her top writing tips with us, but shared a wonderful insight into her imagination behind her books including The Caretaker of Imagination, Lucy's Story and Beyond the End of the World.  For Free Writing next Monday we are going to try Zee's cool story starter of "What if, when you came back into the classroom after morning tea . . ." .  Watch this space (and Seesaw) for examples of our writing.

We will also try planning our Little Red Riding Hood narrative using the "W" planning technique.  This was very clear and will help us hook our readers in at the beginning, middle and end.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Welcome Back to School 2018

We have started the year off with a bang!  Already we have had a cottage challenge, Football FUNdamental session, collaborative artwork with the Helensville A & P Show cardboard cutouts and more.

Everyday we are swimming and practicing our strokes for the upcoming school swimming sports.  Every student needs to enter at least three events, with the two length option available for those students who want to enter the Kaipara Swimming Sports in a few weeks.

For Writing we have begun cross grouping with Ruma Wha.  Our focus has been on our summer holidays often describing a moment in time or favourite holiday moment.  In Math's we also cross group with Ruma Wha. We have been learning lots of warm up number knowledge games and fast finisher options.

For Reading we have restarted with Reading Plus and our whole class novel is The Giver.  Watch the trailer here to find out more:

Our whole year inquiry is on Change.  What we can change about our behaviours and environment around us.  Sounds like we will need to step up to the challenge!

Watch this space . . .